We are not a furniture company but an ergonomic company.

We Are Not A Furniture Company But An Ergonomic Company

Humanscale: Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Ergonomic Products that Improve Health and Comfort in the Workplace

The contemporary world has granted us a convenient lifestyle full of ease; from desk jobs to remote working facilities, we can do anything right by sitting in one spot. However, this way of living has also contributed to a lot of perplexities and nerve-wracking conditions. Doing a job for long hours in an awkward posture takes a toll on our musculoskeletal system to a great extent. The circumstances have caused a dire thirst for a reliable ergonomic solution to avoid developing back problems. A brand you can trust is S Cube Ergonomics, India’s finest leading office furniture company; an authorized Manufacturing and Distribution Partner of Humanscale.

The founder of S Cube Ergonomics, Sathish Nandagopal remarks, “With more population working in IT and ITES segment in India, a lot of people have started sitting for long hours without even realizing the physical stress while focusing on workload. Humanscale has been in this ergonomics space for the last 30 years, and through S Cube Ergonomics, we are trying to build awareness and educate Indians about the same for the last eight years while aiming towards ergonomic India.”


Global Leaders in Ergonomics

As a trusted promotor of the Humanscale range of ergonomic products in India, S Cube has been serving several MNCs in the country. Humanscale is well recognized as a global leader in workplace ergonomics that competes with other international giants in the furniture segment. Speaking about the company’s unique proposition, the founder mentions, “What makes us different is that we are not a furniture company but an ergonomic company. We don’t provide all office furniture; our profile is more focused towards ergonomics in the workplace. We provide tools which will ensure that when you get up and go back home after eight hours, your workload will have a minimalistic impact on your physical health. We are focused on one thing and are striving to be the best at it.”

He further adds, “When we entered into this market, people never looked at ergonomics as a vital requirement. It was perceived more as a luxury! Over time, organizations have begun to realise the issues of musculoskeletal disorders for employees. Today, people are reaching out to us because we are specialists and not generalists.”


One-of-a-kind Products

“The company specializes in three major components for which we have been well-known in the market. We are the technology leaders in task seating, and also leaders in counterbalance monitor arms – selling over a million monitor arms worldwide. Our flagship also includes rightly fitting articulating keyboard trays,” he informs.

With such exceptional products, the company has successfully showcased its project capabilities and skills as a distribution partner for Humanscale in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Alongside, the company has announced a few initiatives in India to promote good ergonomic posture at the workplace in collaboration with Humanscale. As a first major initiative, S Cube announced the national launch of its plug & play ergonomic home office set-up. Subsequently, intending to protect study-from-home (SFH) students from physical hazards and musculoskeletal disorders, the company announced the national launch of its ergonomic home study station. It has also been catering to the needs of work-from-home clients through eCommerce and rental strategies.

“Our ultimate vision is to spread awareness of ergonomics to the whole Indian population. I know it’s not easy while having the second-largest working population in the world. However, in the long term, I want everybody to know about ergonomics and we have been slowly progressing towards it,” he concludes.

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