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Tangles Be Gone! with Humanscale Cable Management & Cord Organisers

S Cube Ergonomics: Your Only Destination for Humanscale Cable Organizers

Is your workspace a battleground against cable clutter? Do tangled wires constantly trip you up, both literally and figuratively? It’s time to reclaim your desk and your sanity with Humanscale’s innovative cord organisers and cable management solutions. Here at S Cube Ergonomics, the exclusive distributor of Humanscale ergonomic products in India, we offer a range of award-winning table cable management systems designed to transform your workspace into a clean, organized, and visually appealing haven for productivity and well-being.

Humanscale Cable Management – Designed for Efficiency and Safety

Humanscale cable management empowers you to create a workspace that reflects your professionalism and fosters a sense of calm and focus. Here at S Cube Ergonomics, we offer two of Humanscale’s most popular solutions:

  • NeatTech: Under-Desk Cable Organizer: NeatTech is an innovative cable organizer for desks that seamlessly integrates with most workstations and height-adjustable Float tables. Its lightweight mesh basket keeps power strips and cables neatly tucked away. Unique Velcro ties secure even the most stubborn cables, ensuring everything stays organized. NeatTech boasts a weight capacity of 4.5kg (10 lbs.) and comes with a reassuring 15-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting durability for your busy workspace.
  • NeatLinks: Cable Management System: NeatLinks stands as the ultimate under desk cable management tray. Specifically engineered for swift and hassle-free installation, NeatLinks adapts seamlessly to any direction and surface. With its sleek and unobtrusive design, NeatLinks, a table wire management hides cables beneath your desk. The textured surface effectively conceals fingerprints, maintaining a polished appearance. Additionally, the curved and finger-friendly angles at the channel end facilitate smooth cable routing, enhancing ease of use and providing easy visual access.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Needs

  • NeatTech: A Cord Organizer Ideal for those seeking a simple yet effective solution to organize and secure their cables under the desk.
  • NeatLinks: A Cable organiser perfect for anyone who wants a comprehensive cable management system that keeps cables, power strips, and adapters organized, protected, and readily accessible.

“Say Goodbye to Tangles Forever”