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Humanscale Liberty Chair: Effortless Comfort Meets Sustainable Design

S Cube Ergonomics: Your Only Destination for Liberty Chairs

S Cube Ergonomics proudly stands as the premier destination for Humanscale Products in India. Say goodbye to endless adjustments and hello to the best ergonomic chair that seamlessly conforms to your body. The Liberty office Chair features Humanscale’s patented Form Sensing Mesh Technology (FSMT). Inspired by the adaptability of clothing, FSMT utilizes multiple panels of low-stretch mesh to create a personalized fit for every user. Unlike traditional single-panel mesh chairs, which can cause pressure points and discomfort, FSMT contours to your unique back shape, providing exceptional lumbar support and cradling you throughout your workday. The breathable mesh back and stain-resistant materials make the Liberty Task Chair easy to maintain, keeping it looking fresh for years to come.

Form Sensing Mesh Technology offers several key benefits

  • Dynamic Comfort: Perfect for today’s active work styles, FSMT allows for a wider range of movement without sacrificing support. Lean back, stretch, and shift positions with ease, all while maintaining optimal spinal alignment.
  • Reduced Pressure Points: Traditional mesh chairs can dig into your back, causing discomfort and fatigue. FSMT’s multi-panel design distributes pressure evenly, eliminating discomfort and allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
  • Enhanced Blood Flow: The close yet breathable nature of FSMT promotes healthy blood circulation, keeping you energized and focused throughout the day.

Move with Freedom: Arms That Mirror Your Natural Movement

Unlike traditional task chairs where armrests remain static, the Humanscale Liberty Chair’s arms are ingeniously attached to the backrest. This innovative design allows the arms to move in perfect sync with your body as you recline, providing constant support for your forearms and shoulders. No more awkward armrest adjustments.
Nevertheless, Liberty Chair’s Duron Arm Pads feature a multi-layered design that’s both incredibly soft and remarkably durable. These armrests are five times tougher than standard armrests, offering long-lasting comfort and resilience.

Humanscale Guaranteed: Built to Last with 15 Years of Confidence

  • Seating – 15 Years Warranty: The core structure of the Humanscale Liberty Chair, including the frame and mechanisms, is covered by a remarkable 15-year warranty. This extended coverage ensures your investment is protected for years to come, providing lasting peace of mind.
  • All Fabric/Cushions/Arm Pads – 5 Years Warranty: The Liberty task Chair’s fabric, cushions, and arm pads are covered by a 5-year warranty, guaranteeing their quality and appearance for an extended period.

“Your back deserves the best. Invest in a chair that is built to last ”